What are some Post covid recovery tips and diet?

Oct 04, 2022

If you are on the “Post Covid Recovery” stage then, good nutrition and an adequate exercising regime are vital for maintaining good health status. But are these enough? We don’t think so, there are other points that you need to keep in mind post covid recovery.

What are they? Let’s have a look at them! 

Take plenty of rest

By now, you might know that the body’s immune system goes into overdrive during the covid phase. Battling the virus with a weak immunity system is very tough. It is therefore recommended post covid to take plenty of rest and let the body recollect the energy lost by the body while battling the infection. 

Eat Healthily

A healthy diet eases the path to rebuild lost strength & recovery. The right amount of nutrients will help you gain your strength back in days. Therefore, you must ensure that your diet includes plenty of proteins like milk and dairy items, soybean, lentil soup, legumes, seeds, nuts, boiled eggs, and chicken stew. And remember to eat at least 1 fruit a day. Stay hydrated throughout the day.

If you want to build immunity then you can have CORDYCEPS LIFELINE TEA. This tea not only boosts your immunity but also reduces fatigue, which can improve sports performance. It also supports the respiratory system.


Exercising might sound unappealing initially, but it is very crucial for a speedy recovery. If you work out, it will improve blood and oxygen circulation. Moreover, it detoxifies your body. Exercising may also help you to freshen your mood and lift your spirits - something that is very much needed after you’ve contracted COVID. 

Don’t overstress yourself, take it slow and only exercise as much as you can. Do your favourite type of exercise, maybe yoga, and don’t push yourself too much. 

Steam Inhalation

Hot water steam was required during covid and you need to continue this procedure even now! You need to take plain hot water steam 2 to 3 times a day post-Covid. The steam inhalation process helps in the removal of the secretions and improves lung function by an adequate expansion of the lung at the bases.

These are points that you need to keep in mind after you get recovered from covid. Take rest and don’t rush into things, your body needs you and a good diet.

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