Mushroom Farming: Employment and Empowerment

Oct 04, 2022

How mushroom farming generates employment and empowerment of women, farmers, and young unemployed?


Mushroom farming is now at a whole new level. With discoveries and inventions in the field of agricultural science, the cultivation of mushrooms has become feasible. It has encouraged small-scale farmers, women, and the unemployed young population to incline towards mushroom cultivation. 


Mushrooms are known as fleshly, spore-bearing foods which are mostly grown above the ground. The distinct range of nutrients and other natural phytochemicals possessed by these fungi have an array of health and nutritional benefits, such as boosting immunity, retardation of tumours, and healing of wounds.


Employment generation through Mushroom Cultivation:


  • At various steps of mushroom farming, manpower is required.
  • Harvesting season opens up employment opportunities.
  • Value-added products made from mushroom requires manpower.
  • Additional income from the cultivation of mushrooms and production of value-added products like pickles, biscuits, papads, etc., make them independent and empowered.


The practice of mushroom farming in rural areas promises the generation of employment, increment in income, and a sense of food security. Women are known as a catalyst in the improvement and development of agriculture, and its allied sector like animal husbandry, horticulture, fisheries, bee-keeping, mushroom production, etc. With an emphasis on mushroom production, women have shown a keen interest in learning and enhancing the skills for mushroom farming. It instils self-confidence, makes them empowered, self-resilient and independent.


With proper training and skill development, the young population can extensively contribute to Nation’s economy. Low investment and time-saving techniques are boons for the young population and small-scale farmers to cultivate mushrooms. These fungi generate rapidly in comparison to other crops and are of great value in terms of health and income.

In addition, the population residing near large water bodies is prone to flood. In such a catastrophic situation, mushroom farming can facilitate the necessities required for survival.

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