Mushroom Cultivation : Increases farmers' income

Oct 04, 2022

How mushroom cultivation increases farmers' income?


Mushroom is a high-yielding fungus with nutritional and economical value. Cultivation of mushrooms is now taken up extensively throughout the world because of the high returns. Mushrooms being natural decomposers lowers the cost of using chemical fertilizers and manures, thus lowering the overall cost of mushroom farming.


Mushroom cultivation is a profitable business for small-scale farmers, especially those residing in flood-prone areas. These fungi generate rapidly without much capital. With the advancement of technology, new ways have opened up for feasible cultivation.


Know how farmers can increase their income through mushroom cultivation:


  • Low investment: Mushrooms can be grown at a very reasonable cost and in a relatively short duration than conventional crops. To take up mushroom farming, farmers need low investment, meagre inputs, and a lot of commitment and hard work.


  • Limited natural resources: Mushroom farming requires limited natural resources like water and land. They even address the issues related to the quality of food, quality of soil, and environment.


  • Good use of agro-residues: Mushrooms like button, oyster, and paddy straw can be grown using agro-residues such as wheat straw, paddy straw, dried vegetable leaves, etc. This helps in the efficient management of agricultural waste.


  • Time and cost-saving: Mushroom farming is time and cost-saving. With proper planning, farmers can save time, and with optimal use of agricultural waste, they can save the cost of chemical fertilizers.


  • Enrichment of soil: Above all, mushrooms being natural recyclers, nourish soil by providing required macro and micronutrients. In this way, mushroom prepares land for other crops as well.


  • Value-added products: Mushroom cultivation also paves the path for the production of other edible products like pickles, papads, khakhras, biscuits, etc., thus, doubling the income of the small farmers.


Mushroom Cultivation is not only going to contribute immensely to the health and food sector but will also boost the income of farmers especially, those living in rural and flood-prone areas. 

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