Why to choose Mushroom farming?

Oct 04, 2022

Why should one choose Mushroom farming?

Mushrooms are one of the most popular and well-consumed superfoods these days. One can find these edible fungi enhancing the taste of Indian to continental cuisines. Not only this, these fungi have gained medicinal recognition for the essential components it contains. As a result of which mushroom cultivation has spiked throughout the globe. This business not only contributes to the healthcare sector but also promises a huge return on investment.

Know why you should opt for Mushroom Farming:

  1. Nutritional Value: Mushrooms are well known for the nutritional value they provide to our bodies. Enriched with macro and micronutrients these fungi help keep our body fit and healthy from head to toe. Cultivation of mushrooms ensures that your diet is balanced and your life too.

  1. Medicine Value: Present time’s lifestyle has given birth to many fatal diseases, adding a cherry to the cake is unhealthy eating habits. Mushrooms with the goodness of vitamins and minerals aid in fighting deadly diseases and keep our body and mind in check by providing the required nutrients to our bodies.

  1. Income Benefits: Mushroom has paved the path for income generation. The cultivation of mushrooms boosts the local economy by contributing to food security, nutrition, and medicine and generating income through local, regional, and national trade.

  1. Employment Opportunities: Mushroom farming also provides employment. Once harvested, these edible fungi can be used for making other edible items like pickles, papads, khakras, and many more. Thus, allowing the small-scale food industry to generate employment.

  1. Natural recycler: Mushrooms live on decaying organic matters like dead plants and animals. It helps reduce agricultural waste and enrich the soil with the required nutrients to stimulate the healthy growth of other crops.

  1. Livelihood Opportunities: Mushroom cultivation can contribute to the alleviation of poverty and strengthening of livelihood of small farmers by cultivating fast yielding mushrooms that have nutritional as well as economical value.

Mushroom farming has empowered many small-scale farmers and women by giving them financial independence and reputation. If you are planning to enter mushroom farming, then it’s absolutely a good choice.

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