Reishi: The Medicinal Mushroom that promotes Longevity

Oct 04, 2022

Reishi: The Medicinal Mushroom That Promotes Longevity


Reishi mushrooms are also known as Lingzhi. It is a fungus that grows in the hot and humid climate of Asia. It is best known for its health-promoting effects. Although they are eaten fresh, the powdered form is also very effective. 


Reishi Mushrooms have numerous health benefits.


  • Immune System Booster: Major function of reishi mushrooms is that it boosts the immune system naturally because it directly works on white blood cells by fighting against infection and cancer without causing any side effects.


  •  Prevents Cancer: Reishi Mushrooms are considered to be effective in the prevention and treatment of cancer. The molecules present in these shrooms help fight against cancer cells or reverse their effects.


  • Fight against Fatigue and Depression: Reishi Mushrooms help reduce or lower the level of anxiety and depression. It also improves the quality of your life and is also beneficial in various medical conditions.


  • Antioxidant properties: These mushrooms have high antioxidant properties, but for about 4 – 12 weeks after consuming them, there would be no change in the level of antioxidant enzymes in the blood.


  • Controls Blood sugar: Reishi is a natural source of a few enzymes and insulin that keeps a check on the blood sugar level, ensuring a long and happy life.


Being a medicinal mushroom, Reishi promotes longevity with the above benefits of consuming it. Add it to your daily supplement and feel the difference in the way you live.

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