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What are Adaptogenic Herbs? Which ones are powerful?

Oct 04, 2022

An all-new trend in the herbal world, Adaptogenic Herbs are plant-based herbs that are filled with complex compounds that help your body mediate or adapt to internal or external stress by interacting with your cellular systems,

These herbs are filled with several other health benefits, including.

  • Boosting immunity

  • Maintaining a healthy weight

  • Raised physical endurance and mental focus

  • Reduction in discomfort caused by poor lifestyle

  • Encouraging a positive mood

All of these advantages can come from something as simple as adding adaptogens into your regular diet. Even though there are numerous ways to increase your adaptogen intake, consuming adaptogenic herbs is arguably amongst the best.

The 5 Best Adaptogenic Herbs 

Adaptogenic herbs have been used in traditional herbalism for many years now, multiple adaptogens have been discovered for their incredible functional benefits. It’s true that not all adaptogens are the same though, they vary according to their strength and what systems they support. The list down below includes the five absolute best adaptogens you can take to support your well being.

1. Shatavari

Shatavari is the “Queen of Herbs” which is all about promoting homeostasis in your body. This herb aids healthy occasional stress responses is derived from physical and emotional sources. Shatavari also functions as an aphrodisiac.

2. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is the most popular and commonly used adaptogenic herb today, and there is no wonder why its ability is prized to support the body’s adaption to occasional stress. The advantages of Ashwagandha aren’t just limited to promoting a healthy occasional stress response though, it takes care of overall health, supports a healthy immune system and supports a sense of calm

3. Maca

Maca is very popular due to its amazing functional benefit and how easily it can be incorporated into healthy food, such as smoothies and energy balls. It adds up its distinctly delicious nutty flavour. 

Maca is known for nourishing the body, supports healthy energy levels which are required during workouts. Maca in Traditional Chinese Herbalism has been used to support hormones.

4. Reishi Mushrooms 

Reishi mushrooms are yet another adaptogenic herb present for you. These herbs support your nervous system which in turn supports healthy energy and stamina levels. Reishi mushrooms support your body’s natural response to occasional stress either from external or internal and might help the body's natural transition to rest.

5. Cordyceps Mushrooms 

While Reishi mushrooms work well for chilling you out,  Cordyceps mushrooms might rev you up, promoting your athletic performance and cellular energy. Cordyceps mushrooms are also known as adrenal adaptogens because of how they support healthy energy levels.

Cordyceps offers a healthy lifestyle, which is required in today’s world. Designed by traditional methods, Cordyceps Lifeline products provide a quality life. Cordyceps mimics the need of the body. If our body needs to be healed, cordyceps do their job easily. It strengthens the immune system, boosts mood, supports positive mental health. It is also known to have antiviral and antibiotics properties which is a great deal for the human body. You can easily consume it either in Tea form or in Capsules.

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