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Best Ways To Improve Your Digestion

Oct 04, 2022

We often go through digestive system issues such as stomach upset, gas issues, heartburn, nausea, constipation, or diarrhoea. Nevertheless, these manifestations occur at regular intervals and create significant disturbances in your life. However, there are some lifestyle changes through which can positively affect your gut health.

Consume Real Foods

According to some medical professionals, some food items that contain a high amount of refined carbs, food additives, and saturated fat increases the risk of digestive disorders. Moreover, processed foods that include trans fats are also closely connected with an increased risk of an inflammatory bowel disease known as ulcerative colitis

Foods and drinks that have artificial sweeteners can also cause digestive issues. Hence, medical professionals suggest people eat real and healthy foods for improving their digestive system functioning. 

Stay Hydrated

Constipation condition is closely related to lack of proper fluid intake. Hence, it is strongly recommended to consume around 1.5-2 litres of non-caffeinated drinks per day.

Apart from drinking plenty amount of water, you can also complete your daily fluid intake by drinking herbal tea such as Cordyceps Lifeline Tea. Moreover, you can have high-water content fruits and vegetables such as celery, tomatoes, melons, cucumber, zucchini, etc. in your diet.

Stress Management

You might know that Stress can impact your digestive system in different ways and has been closely associated with various digestive issues like stomach ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), diarrhoea, and constipation.

Moreover, stress hormones can directly affect your digestion process as your body diverts the blood and energy from your digestive system when you’re stressed out. In such cases, you can perform activities like meditation, yoga, relaxation training, acupuncture and deep belly breathing, which can improve your digestive symptoms. 

Proper Chewing of Food

If you chew your food poorly, it leads to less absorption of nutrients. Proper chewing of food helps your stomach easily convert the solid food into the liquid mixture, entering your small intestine.

Moreover, saliva plays a crucial role to ensure the proper digestion of food. More saliva is produced when you chew for a longer time which acts as a fluid that ensures smooth passage of food into your intestines and increases the digestion process

Apart from the points that are mentioned above, you can have fibre-rich foods and healthy fats, regular workouts, and getting rid of bad habits like smoking and alcohol consumption are some of the other best ways of improving through which you can improve your digestion process.

Keep up with these digestion boosting tips, and there you get all healthy in your tummy!

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