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Oct 04, 2022


Ophiocordyceps Sinensis or commonly known as Cordyceps Sinensis is an entomopathogenic fungus that is parasitic. It is formed when the moth caterpillar is infected by fungus with spores during summer and develops during the winter. Fungus completely kills and wrinkles the caterpillar growing and producing a long slender fruiting body.

Cordyceps Sinensis is native to China, Tibet, India, Bhutan, and Nepal and is also known as Cordyceps, caterpillar fungus, yarsha gumba, vegetable caterpillar, Dong Chong Xia Cao, Vegetable caterpillar. 

Benefits of Yarsagumba:

Yarsagumba or Cordyceps Sinensis improves overall well-being. It helps to boost the immune system, cleanses the body, is beneficial for the heart, lungs, reproductive organs, and brain. The list of benefits goes on.

Here are a few health benefits:

  1. Anti-tumor activity: Cancer is still one of the lethal diseases and treatments related to it are highly expensive and limited to radiotherapy, surgeries, and chemotherapy that have their side effects. Research shows that Cordyceps Sinensis has anti-tumor activity in various cancers.

  1. Fatigue Resistance: Cordyceps Sinensis helps to reduce fatigue and stress and improve physical performance. It stimulates the stamina and endurance level by increasing ATP, the energy currency of the cells. 

  1. Improves Heart Health: Cordyceps is enriched with anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that promote cardiovascular health. Research shows it can prevent heart arrhythmias and other complications.

  1. Enhances reproductive functions: Cordyceps has been used traditionally for the enhancement of the sexual functions of human beings. Yarsagumba is proven to boost libido and sexual activity and restored impaired reproductive function.

  1. Reduces Chronic stress: Yarsagumba helps to reduce chronic stress. It causes chronic inflammation in the brain, which may lead to various mental disorders and imbalance in neurotransmitter levels, and is responsible for memory impairment and decline in cognitive functions. Cordyceps reduces the inflammatory level and thus reducing chronic stress.

Use: Cordyceps Sinensis can be used to make tinctures and extracts. Powdered one can be blended into smoothies and protein shakes or brewed into tea.

Yasragumba is indeed a panacea empowered with essential components required by our body. Adding Cordyceps Sinensis to your diet will allow you to rock and roll without any health worry.

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