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Natural Immunity Boosters

Oct 04, 2022

Natural Immunity Boosters


Strong immune system gives you the power to fight bacteria, virus, and foreign bodies that causes infections. It enables you to stay strong and prevents cold, flu, and other infections. When pathogens come in contact with our immune system, it triggers the immune response. It releases antibodies that get attached to antigens of pathogens and kill them.


Incorporating immunity-boosting foods in your diet can enhance your health and help to fight pathogens to keep your wellbeing in check.


Here are a few natural immunity-boosting foods:


  • Citrus Fruits: When the word immune system pops up, we all think of citrus fruits to stimulate our immunity. Citrus foods are highly rich in vitamin C that help to build white blood cells, a key component in fighting infections. Add tanginess and benefits of Vitamin C by including citrus fruits likes lemon, oranges, grapefruits, and limes.


  • Red Bell Peppers: Do you know veggies are equally rich in immunity-boosting properties? Yes, red bell peppers are one of those vegetables that contain three times more Vitamin C than citrus fruits. It gives a boost to immunity and is beneficial for skin health.


  • Broccoli: Green veggies may not be your favorite, but you should start adoring and eating broccoli because of its immunity-boosting properties. Packed with Vitamin A, C, and E and many antioxidant properties, broccoli is the healthiest vegetable to enrich your meal with health.


  • Garlic: Garlic is enhancing the taste of every cuisine throughout the world with its zingy flavor. Apart from this, garlic has high immunity stimulating properties that help to fight infections. It is rich in a sulfur-containing compound called allicin.


  • Mushroom: This fungus food has essential vitamins, minerals, and other components that are a must to keep our body healthy and fit. Shrooms are known for invigorating immunity to fight the common cold, flu, and other foreign bodies that may harm our bodies.


Now you can lower your expenses on medicine and supplements to build your immunity by incorporating natural immunity-building sources into your diet. Stay healthy and fight off diseases in a natural way.

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