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Happy Mind Capsule: Reduce Stress, Depression, Anxiety and Keeps calm

Oct 04, 2022

Happy mind capsule: Reduce Stress, Depression, Anxiety and Keeps calm

Mental health is becoming a hot topic in the world. With more and more awareness regarding the importance of mental wellbeing, people are taking up the problems related to the brain seriously. Just the way we need proper nourishment and time to heal and keep our body fit similarly, our brain needs nutrients and care to stay healthy and to function properly. 


Gen Z has developed an unhealthy lifestyle that contributes immensely to mental health issues. Excessive stress, disturbed sleep cycle, insomnia, depression, and many more such issues are seen commonly in today’s city dwellers. It becomes essential to address these issues and provide our brains with the required nutrients to maintain health.


Mushroom enriched with essential vitamins are minerals helps to boost brain health and activities. 

  • Supports the recovery of neuronal injuries: Mushroom extract may help to speed up the recovery, and growth of nerve cells. It may also help to reduce the severity of brain damage caused by stroke.


  • Alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety: Most of us complain about the problem of depression and anxiety. The root cause can be different. The anti-inflammatory properties of mushrooms help to mitigate the symptoms of depression and anxiety.


  • Improves Learning Capacity: Mushroom extracts improve the learning capacity of the brain by fighting mental fatigue and improving the blood circulation to the brain. It boosts brain cell activities.


  • Reduces stress: The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of mushroom helps to reduce the oxidized stress which the main cause for modern-day brain-health related issues. 

Cordyceps mushroom extracts have innumerable health benefits. Adding it to your diet will give a healthy boost to your brain. You can add it to your daily dose via VN Organics Happy Mind Capsule which will be launched soon.

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