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Cordy Man+

Oct 04, 2022

Cordy Man+

Mushrooms are the talk of the town these days especially, Cordyceps Sinensis that has empowering health benefits. Often called caterpillar mushroom or Himalayan Viagra, the roots are of great health benefits and that’s the reason why they are so expensive yet high in demand. Found in the hills of the Himalayas, cordyceps can be cultivated during a particular season of the year.

The roots of Cordyceps Sinensis have a magical power that improves cardiovascular health, stimulates energy levels and libido.

Let’s know the health benefits of Cordyceps for Men:

• Boosts respiratory function: Cordy Man+ empowered with cordyceps extract alleviates the health of lungs and helps to invigorate respiratory function in men. It decreases lung disorders and ailments like asthma, TB, and Chronic Bronchitis.

• Boosts immune system: Cordyceps stimulates the growth of immune cells and enhances the production of antibodies in men, thus aids in the fight against bacteria, virus, yeast, and fungal infections. 

• Combats sexual dysfunction: Cordyceps helps in invigorating testosterone levels in men and boosts vitality. It also enhances the energy level, stamina, and reproductive capacities of both men and women.

• Kidney health: This natural herb helps to strengthen the kidneys and other renal functions in men. It also aids in the prevention of the accumulation of excessive toxins in the body.

• Enhances energy levels, targets fatigue and exhaustion, and boosts exercise capacity: Cordyceps Sinensis is known for boosting energy and stamina. Chinese used it extensively to increase exercise capacity. This herb takes care of oxygen utilization by the cells and tissues of the body.


Summing the health benefits of Cordy MAN+, the herb has a magical effect on men’s health. From boosting stamina to endure pain during the intense physical performance to stimulating libido for healthy sexual life to safeguard vital organs from fatal diseases, Cordy MAN+ is an elixir for men.


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