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Management of agriculture residues by mushroom farming

Oct 04, 2022

Management of agriculture residues by mushroom Farming

Fungi are the natural and primary decomposers within the ecosystem. They play a crucial role in decomposing decaying organic matter into absorbable nutrients. Unlike plants, fungi do not get their food and energy through photosynthesis as they lack chlorophyll. Therefore, many fungi mushrooms make their food by decomposing dead plant and animal matter. 

Benefits of Mushroom farming in the management of agriculture residues:

  • Food from waste: Every farm produces tons of agricultural waste that are mostly burnt or composted. This waste can easily be turned into a nutritional substance for crops and soil by mushroom farming as they are natural decomposers.

  • Plant Nourishment: Mushrooms are full of essential nutrients required for the proper growth of plants. Mushroom farming with mushroom compost enriches the soil with nutrients. They decompose the organic matter and add nutritional values to the soil.

  • Facilitates Moisture retention: Mushrooms facilitates moisture retention in this soil thus solving the underwater issue like wilting and leaf yellowing.

  • Wards off pests and weeds: Crops yields are good when grown without excessive fertilizers and chemicals. Fungi like mushrooms help to keep pests and weeds off and thus saving the crops from being destroyed. 

  • Improving animal feed: The agricultural residues left over after harvesting the mushrooms are full of vitamins and minerals that can be feed to ruminants and other farm animals.


Mushrooms enriched with macronutrients and micronutrients are a good source for the fertilization of soil and decomposition of natural and agricultural waste. With mushroom farming gaining popularity and methods of cultivations becoming easier, many people are taking it up. Thus, managing the agricultural waste efficiently and naturally.


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